CAM Practitioners

If you are a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Practitioner, the entire SC Nutra (Formerly Sweet Cures) is now available from the Natural Dispensary. Ordering directly from the Natural Dispensary allows practitioners to purchase products for reselling in clinics, online stores, and direct clients.

The Natural Dispensary is a nutritional supplement mail order for practitioners, with over 18,000 products available to purchase. Located in Stroud, orders are sent quickly to practitioners located all over the UK.

How to order from the Natural Dispensary

If you’ve not ordered from the Natural Dispensary before you’ll need to setup an account first. Simply register for an account here: Natural Dispensary  or call 01453 757792 to complete this process over the phone.

Once registered login to the Natural Dispensary website and select the products you’d like to purchase. For orders over £25 postage is free, and under £25 postage costs £2.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I purchase directly from SC Nutra?

CAM Practitioners can still order directly from us, however orders placed will be charged at the products RSP and won’t receive any practitioner discount. Practitioner discount is only available when ordering through the Natural Dispensary.

Why should CAM Practitioners consider SC Nutra products?

SC Nutra is renowned for product quality, all our products have been produced to our exact formulas, without bulking agents & fillers. We’ve over 20 years expertise in bladder health, working with medical professionals and charities such as Bladder Health UK. Our product range and expertise has grown to include the following brands:

  • Waterfall D-Mannose
  • Waterfall D-Mannose Children
  • Waterfall D-Mannose Pet
  • Unified Bacteria: UniBac
  • High Energy D-Ribose
  • Organic Wild Oregano Oil C80
  • High Energy D-Ribose
  • Quickly Test UTI5v
  • Xylotene
  • L-Arabinose
  • Vegan Vitamin D3

Alongside the above brands, SC Nutra is dedicated to supporting CAM Practitioners and our team is available on 01904 789559 or via email to answer product related enquires. POS, including posters and leaflets are available on request.