Introduction to ERIC - The Children's Bowel and Bladder Charity

Introduction to ERIC - The Children's Bowel and Bladder Charity

1 in 12 children in the UK are affected by a bowel or bladder condition including constipation, soiling and wetting accidents and bedwetting.

The impact on their life, and their families can be devastating.

ERIC, the Children’s Bowel and Bladder Charity is a UK-wide charity dedicated to improving the lives of all children and young people (aged 0-19 years with bowl and bladder conditions and other toileting challenges.

What does ERIC Stand for?

Founded on the principles of empathy, education, and empowerment, ERIC stands for Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence. It is the only charity in the UK dedicated exclusively to helping children and teenagers with bowel and bladder issues. ERIC's mission is to ensure that every child and teenager with these challenges can access support and live free from shame, isolation, and fear.

Why is ERIC's Work So Vital?

1. Prevalence: Bowel and bladder issues, such as bedwetting, daytime wetting, constipation, and soiling, affect over 900,000 children and teenagers in the UK alone.

2. Stigma and Isolation: Many children and families suffer in silence due to the stigma surrounding these conditions. The emotional toll can lead to feelings of embarrassment, isolation, and lowered self-esteem.

3. Impact on Daily Life: Persistent bowel and bladder issues can impact a child's social life, school attendance, and overall well-being.

What Does ERIC Offer?

  • Helpline: Trained professionals offer guidance, support, and advice to families navigating the challenges of bowel and bladder issues.
  • Online Resources: Comprehensive information about symptoms, treatments, and coping mechanisms.
  • Training for Professionals: Workshops and seminars equip healthcare and educational professionals with the knowledge and skills to support affected children.
  • Awareness Campaigns: Raising awareness in communities and schools ensures early intervention and reduces the stigma associated with these conditions.
  • Support Groups: Creating a safe space for families to share their experiences and gain insights from others in similar situations.

Supporting ERIC

ERIC's success in changing lives stems from its community of dedicated volunteers, supporters, and professionals. Everyone can make a difference by sharing a personal story, donating, or volunteering.

In childhood continence, ERIC is a steadfast guide, ensuring no child or family has to face these challenges alone. So, whether you're a parent seeking help, a professional wanting to gain more knowledge, or a kind-hearted individual wanting to lend a hand, remember that with ERIC, the journey towards a brighter, more confident future becomes possible.

Why we recommend ERIC

Many of us at SC Nutra have children; our sons and daughters, like so many others, have suffered from urinary tract infections, constipation and upset when using the toilet. We remember the sleepless nights and worry we went through as parents and appreciate how difficult it can be.

ERIC - The Children's Bowel and Bladder Charity provide a range of literature and support for parents.

Their website contains information for babies, infants, and children up to adulthood. Guides such as the Wee and Poo checker, we're not ashamed to say we've personally found helpful for our children and shared these with our customers, family and friends. 

Follow ERIC on social media for regular webinars for parents and carers. For more information or to access their resources and support, visit

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