Bladder Health UK Fundraising - New Milestone Reached!

Bladder Health UK Fundraising - New Milestone Reached!
Over the last several years, we've proudly sponsored Bladder Health UK. We've supported Bladder Health UK by providing free samples for their members, sponsorship, and, more recently, a donation for every pack of Waterfall D-Mannose sold in the UK!

We're delighted to announce that this new initiative has raised over £2,500! - Updated March 2023.

The money raised helps Bladder Health UK keep dedicated support channels open, which can help signpost and support those suffering from bladder health-related illnesses such as cystitis, IC, UTI and Fowlers Syndrome.

For those interested, Bladder Health UK offers a yearly membership at £20 for the year. This membership provides access to member events, priority access cards and more, allowing members to make informed choices. For more information, please visit their website here: or call 0121 244 1820

We've got lots more exciting ideas and new ways to support Bladder Health UK and other charities close to our hearts. Please keep an eye out for these on our website, social media channels and monthly newsletter.

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