How to Claim Vouchers Using Rewards Points

You can exchange loyalty points for rewards or money off your next order when you have enough loyalty points. This guide walks through how you do this.

  1. Go to the rewards page and log in to your account. 
    SC Nutra Loyalty Program - Account Login
  2. Once in your account, you'll see your previous orders on the left and your loyalty points on the right if you are on a computer or your orders at the top and your loyalty points below if using a mobile device. In the loyalty point box, click "Learn More" to view more details.
    SC Nutra Loyalty Program - View Loyalty Points
  3. On the reward page, you'll see previous rewards you've claimed and ways to earn extra points by following us on social media and referring friends. Below this, you'll see "Rewards", where you can exchange your loyalty points. If you have enough points, each reward will display "Get reward", or if you need to collect more points", More points needed" will be shown. Choose your reward and click "Get reward".
    SC Nutra Loyalty Program - Redeem Loyalty Points
  4. A pop-up will appear asking for confirmation. Click "Redeem".
    SC Nutra Loyalty Program - Confirm Redemption
  5. Clicking Redeem will create a voucher code. Either write the code down or click the clipboard to copy it.
    SC Nutra Loyalty Program - Copy Voucher Code
  6. Add your favourite products to your bag and go to the checkout.

  7. During checkout, you'll be asked for a "Gift card or discount code" Enter the voucher code you created in the previous step here and click apply.
    SC Nutra Loyalty Program - Enter voucher code at checkout

If you have any issues redeem vouchers, please call our team on 01904 789559. If you haven't created an SC Nutra account, sign up for one here to receive 500 points worth £5 instantly.

Loyalty Points and Subscriptions

You'll earn loyalty points for every order you receive if you have a subscription. Whilst it's not possible to use loyalty point vouchers to receive money off a subscription product, it is possible to delay your subscription and make a one-off order to use any points accumulated. As an alternative option, points can also be used to try something new!

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