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In this month's newsletter, we've got a new stamp for our Waterfall D-Mannose Tablets and explain what it means. We say thank you to everyone who purchased Waterfall D-Mannose and raised over £2,500 for Bladder Health UK! We also announce our monthly Trustpilot competition winners and invite you to join our SC Nutra program - if you haven't already!

Finally, with Easter around the corner, we are politely advising anyone who needs our product over Easter to order before the 5:15 pm on the 4th of April for the best chance for orders to arrive before the Easter weekend if selecting the Free Royal Mail 24 delivery option.

The SC Nutra (Sweet Cures) Team

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Deliveries Before Easter Weekend

Bank holidays can cause some delays within the Royal Mail network. While these delays aren't typically significant, we do appreciate how frustrating a day or two's delay can be if needing a product urgently. With this in mind, we politely advise you to order before 5:15 pm on the 4th of April for the best chance for orders to arrive before the Easter weekend if selecting the Free Royal Mail 24 delivery option.


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Coming Soon, SC Nutra's new stamp for purity.

Waterfall D-Mannose products use SC Nutra formulations that ensure products are free from bulking agents & fillers. For example, we only use D-Mannose naturally extracted from birch without chemicals or solvents.

There are many essential differences to consider when comparing D-mannose products and to highlight this, we've stamped our lotus flower logo on every tablet.

The lotus flower symbolises purity and is a reminder that product purity and quality should never be compromised, especially in a daily-use product that is suitable for all ages.


Waterfall D-Mannose Tablets


Bladder Health UK - New Milestone reached!

Thank's to you, our donations to Bladder Health UK have reached over £2,500! For every pack of the Waterfall D-Mannose range we sell, we donate 5p to Bladder Health UK.

Bladder Health UK is a charity very close to our hearts, supporting those suffering from bladder health-related illnesses such as cystitis, IC, UTI and Fowlers Syndrome.

Next Month: We're raising even more money for Bladder Health UK, with Dave from the SC Nutra team undertaking the Hull 10k.


Read More About Bladder Health UK


Trustpilot Competition Winners

waterfall d-mannose

This product is the only thing that works for me when I have a UTI. It works straight away. I use both tablets for when I'm travelling and powder in drinks at home. 

Rachel - Waterfall D-Mannose 1000mg Tablets


oregano oil

"This smaller bottle is a treasure, take it anywhere with me,.. It helps me with itchy skin, dry feet. Best quality so far!!"

Sandra - Wild Oregano Oil C80


If you'd like a chance at winning, complete a Trustpilot review, every review left counts as an entry to the competition – Good Luck. Trustpilot reviews are automatically sent to customers by email around one week after placing an order online. 

SC Nutra Loyalty program

Finally, it's great to see so many customers enjoying the benefits of the SC Nutra loyalty program! If you've not signed up, create an account by clicking the link below.

On signing up, you'll receive 500 points worth £5 to spend on your next order. You'll also earn points on all future orders, and other activities, such as following us on Facebook & Instagram, can earn additional points.


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